“I never would have thought my love of art as a child would turn into a passion for graphic design as an adult.”

I traded in a paint brush for a computer mouse as I continue to create art.

This new direction was nurtured while I was in college.  The marketing and advertising classes I took at the Wharton Business School laid a firm foundation for my current design process.  This background prepared me to help sell a Las Vegas show where your advertising needs to stand out and make a statement as that show is competing against 82 other shows on the Strip.

My lifelong love of magic was responsible for giving my graphic design career a real boost as many of my fellow magicians were my first clients.  Through word of mouth in the Las Vegas entertainment community my reputation spread. My client base expanded as I did graphic designs for dance shows, bands, singers, variety acts, DJ’s and production shows.

Whether creating a logo, electronic press kit, social media e-flyer, t-shirt design, or a full scale advertising campaign for a live show, my process is the same.  My goal is to try and capture the client’s vision, while also adding my years of expertise to make the finished product as impactful and dynamic as possible.  I want my clients to be happy and proud because so often what I create for them is the initial visual introduction to their business.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  As a graphic artist, I use a combination of pictures and words to deliver your message.